Millennials are an unsteady lot! We are guilty of jumping from one relationship to other, one style trend to other, one web series to other, one job to other, one diet to another, and even one principle/theory to other. We clearly do not believe in stagnancy and like the unstable oblivious life. But among the few things that do stay constant in our life apart from family and the furry doggo, is YouTube. Thanks to the founders, YouTube is a blessing in our life. In fact,  it’s a little life in itself and everybody is proudly addicted to it. From learning new recipes to a new language course to simple life hacks to amazing web-series, we love it all!

And one more reason to be thankful to YouTube is increasing numbers of stand-up comedians. It provides a platform to budding comedians and literally gives us audience an opportunity to love and celebrate new content. With the increasing creativity comedians such as Tanmay Bhatt, Kannan Gill, Zakir Khan, Nidhi Bisht, Mallika Dua and many others are hailed.

They are known for digging conventional topics and give a hilarious take on serious issues or present a fresh insight on things. This time comedian Gaurav Kapoor sheds light on how conventional ‘Following your dreams’ has become.

Gaurav Kapoor

In the video, Gaurav explains reasons as to why some people are better off without following their passion. With his wacky punches and sidesplitting comic timing, Gaurav gives examples of bad singers and ‘adventure travellers’ to prove his point. The video is a must-watch for our generation as many people opt professions like singing, acting, travelling and what not only because they are considered ‘cool’.

Gaurav Kapoor

The video was posted by Gaurav on his YouTube channel. So far it has garnered more than 1m views and has received amazing responses from Gaurav’s fans.