The Congress party’s 15-year rule in Manipur seems to be in peril, as exit polls, today indicated that the BJP will likely win the maximum number of seats in the 60-strong Manipur Legislative Assembly election. Although Chief Minister of Manipur, Okhram Ibobi Singh expressed confidence about winning the 2017 polls, this election proved to be one of the toughest for the grand old party of India.
According to the current CVoters exit polls the saffron party is likely to win 25 out of 31, whereas Ibobi led Congress has a probability of wining 17 out of 23 . The ruling Congress party has dramatically declined to 20 seats whereas BJP is leading by 28 seats.
“We are hopeful to win the election. Congress corruption and injustice of 15 years led this downfall” said LB Singh, Vice-president, OBC Morcha BJP Manipur. On the other hand newly formed Sharmila led party PRJA seems to claim the rest as per CVoters polls.
This is for the first time that a human right activist and anti AFSPA crusader, Irom Sharmila, floated her own political party- PRJA (People’s Resurgence Justice Alliance). The interesting blend of different issues pertaining since 15 years of Congress rule also became agendas and priorities in different manifesto list of different parties.
It is also noticeable that a large number of voters especially women and youth have came forward to cast their votes from different constituency.
This is for the first time that BJP created a strong saffron wave in the tiny northeastern state which has always been a hot bed of burning issues.
This dramatic fall is clearly pointing out the tough time of Congress in the state.