Bored of the same old Indian barati dance routine? Well, this Arabic folk dance will certainly brighten up your wedding.

The Dabke is a widely popular circle dance form from the middle east. The dance is usually performed at joyous occasions and gatherings like weddings and involves large groups. The dancers hold hands as they form a circle and leap about with intricate footwork in unison.

Dabke Dance YouTube Photo For InUth
(Courtesy: YouTube)

The dance form is famous in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Northern Saudi Arabia and has several variations. Dabke has also been named the national dance for Lebanon.

The person at the end of the line is noted to lead the routine and alternates between facing the audience and other dancers. The next dancer in line helps maintain the rhythm throughout the group with basic steps.

It also involves some basic bellydancing moves. And with all the stomping, leaping and kicking, you’ll really work up an appetite for the wedding dinner.