“If traveling was free… Bye!” If you swear by this quote, these Instagram posts are something for you to check out. Travelling is the juice we need to carry on to with the routined monotony that is our lives. When we’re traveling, we think about settling down there, and when we’re not, again, we’re thinking about settling there.

Everyone knows that traveling helps to introduce you to new people, new places, but it also helps you discover new facets of yourself you didn’t even know existed. I know, it sounds like a total load of bull but, you can ask anyone who loves to travel. By transcending the boundaries of you conscious, it makes you a much more humble person. Plus, it makes you look cool on social media. I mean, upload a photo of the picturesque valleys of the Himalayas and your account will explode with notifications!

So, what’s stopping you? Take some time off, tell your boss to go to hell (I hope mine isn’t reading this), and get cracking on that itinerary. Or, better yet, don’t make an itinerary. Travel as you please and live in the moment. Just get up and pack. your. bags. #YOLO

And, until you do, check out the travelogues of these Instagrammers that will totally give you a travel high and motivate you to break your routine.

Sapna Reddy (sapnareddy)

Nikhil Kumar (nikhilkumarphotography)

Ravi Vora (ravivora)

make moments that last forever.

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Salim Islam (salim_islam)

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Raman Arora (vogercanvas)

Shubham Goel (echoofanomad)

Atul Singh (atulsingh1984)

Hippie In Hills (hippie_in_hills)

Vyankatesh Kharagé (travelasylum)

Neelima Vallangi (neelimav)

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Neha Ralli (himalayan_girl)

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