How much would you shell out for a packet of condoms? 30 bucks? 50 bucks? How about 800 bucks for a 6-pack? Since there is an ever-expanding market for luxury products, the makers of Naked condom, the world’s only luxury condoms have created a wide range of expensively luxurious products. Everything from the outer packaging to the wrapper inside is aesthetic. The condom box looks like an expensive Apple product and is pretty sturdy. With these products, they’re selling an ‘entire sexual experience’ that is luxurious and well thought of. They have both latex and non-latex versions.

Why does it cost more than any regular condom brand?

Naked Condoms was founded on the principle of making a condom that feels better and the company goes by the tag line ‘designed better and produced better’. Not only this, the makers also claim that they have invented the most pleasurable condom in the world. Each individual condom is subjected to an electrical test, leak test and volume test before it’s sold in the market. These chic condoms are designed with their patented Pleasure Fit design that enhances sensitivity and is covered in the softest and thinnest latex in the world. For added comfort, they covered it with a thin layer of the highest quality silicone lubricant in the market, which was specially formulated for Naked Condoms. It has different variants like green, blue, red and white based on lengths and girths.

And as if this wasn’t enough, they have also been gifting partners at the Oscars! In 2015, all Oscar nominees got four boxes of the world’s only luxury condom- Naked condoms! So it’s pretty much possible that your favorite Hollywood celeb has used them. Fancy!

The prices are 12.90 USD which is Rs 827  for a 6 pack. Not too shabby, right? Check out what they look like:

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And this is what the jewels inside the box look like:

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Would you ever want to splurge on these? Tell us your thoughts!

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