A female rugby team has bared it all for the next year’s calendar. The all-women squad went naked to raise vital club funds and raise the profile of women’s rugby. These women players posed for a series of themed shots while performing a line-out, penalty kick and a number of training exercises.

Out of the 28-strong squad, 12 players took part in the shoot. There are no photoshopped images and all pictures include curves and cellulite. The entire team is just wearing socks and these series was shot during the second week of October on a cold and misty morning. This team is together since 2003 and practice together every Tuesday evening. This calendar is available on the club’s website for just £10.

Rugby Girls naked calendar

Rugby Girls (Photo: Facebook/)

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Reportedly, the idea came up from the team’s social secretary, Georgia Mansfield. This 20-year-old law student suggested the idea at the commencement of term and managed to bring 17 girls on board for the shoot.

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