The holiday season has started round the year as people are excited to celebrate the festival of Christmas around the globe. As kids, we all used to anticipate about Santa Claus and the gifts that we used to get from him. It’s the occasion when people do some amazing get-together and spend their evenings singing carols and relishing mouth-watering delicacies and cakes.

Apart from the goodwill Christmas spirit, the youngsters do have some super cool plans this year but ask them about secret Santa and they have diversified opinion. Some feel that it is not necessary that you need a secret Santa to do good deeds while some believe that it’s really exciting to bump into a secret Santa!



It’s the season to be jolly and people are definitely in the festive mood. Young girls and boys did not shy away from telling their deepest desires related to secret Santa. In order to know more, we hit the streets of Connaught Place to ask Delhiites about their Christmas plans and the younger lot had quite a few interesting plans. We also asked them about what gifts they are expecting from their secret Santas and the answers were hilarious!

The festival of love is definitely the time where you should spend quality time with your loved ones. No matter how busy you are, one should definitely take some time out to send heart-wrenching messages to their loved ones.

The gap has been bridged among people due to the social networking. Several platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp have become one of the fastest ways of communicating wishes to other people. If you are planning to impress with your cooking skills, you should definitely try these cakes that can be cooked quickly in twenty minutes!

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