Cancer and Leo are a rare combination and the people who belong to this group usually have a lot to manage within the self. While Cancer is sensitive by nature, Leo is dramatic on all fronts and the combination of both these personalities is always expected to see extreme ups and downs.

The year 2017 belongs to the Cancer-Leo cusp, from about July 19 to July 25. From beginning on a good note to bringing the best in you, the year will be all good for you. However, the good news about the Cancer-Leo cusp is the way this cusp personality is configured. Here waging an almost schizophrenic personality war within one body actually brings out the very best that the person is capable of producing.horoscope-love

Born of a conflicting mix of water (Cancer) and fire (Leo) make them sensitive and shy one moment, and dramatic the next moment. Here the Cancer component of the Cancer-Leo side is very creative while at the same time suffering from an almost paralysing level of perfectionism.

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On the other hand, Leo is the personality to whom it’s very hard to send a lesson until they get wounded or suffer a major financial setback. Thus, as a result, the Leo-Cancer cusps take a very long time to make a decision. However, once they make a decision, they strictly stick to it.

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They can be called as diamonds, to whom you need to apply lots of heat and pressure to bring the best in them. They fight with themselves, go through many ups and downs, a lot of heartaches, and a lot of crushing defeats but at last, they do come out as winning agents.

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The amazing fact about this personality is he/ she can never be faulted for lacking moral scruples. In fact, it has so much integrity that it can actually be considered a vice.