“Every love story is beautiful.” We at InUth believe every love story has its own journey. Couples in love are the best thing to look at. Talk to them, be around them and they will make the surrounding beautiful. There are few couples in this world who fight like it is the end, but they are so much in love that they end up being together for each other. They prefer staying with each other all the time and if one of them is not around, they look for each other. Love is the best feeling in the world. You might not agree saying eating is the best feeling, well I partially agree but I have been into both. I can say when you are in love you eat together and when love hurts, you again eat but alone. Love is happiness that you just don’t want to let go.

I pity people who don’t value the feeling. If you have never felt the love for somebody, your life is worthless. We at InUth believe in the power of love and how it can change things around. But sometimes it so happens that even if couples are always smiling and happy, they need to tell each other how important they are to each other. All happy and loving couples also have fights but it is not the central point of their relationship. Be happy and to make each other happier are all always their priority. So, this Valentine’s Day InUth decided to call 8 couples and know their story. We asked them to relive their journey and propose each other once again. We asked them to share their memories and read a short poem to them.

Disclaimer: This video might make you cry. It’s special. Watch the full video above.