Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman once said, “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” With the arrival of Kiss Day, it’s time to celebrate this trick with passion and care.

From expressing care to passionate love, a kiss speaks a thousand words and can come from your friends as well as your beloved.

Here we decode the meaning of this expression in accordance with the body part you are kissed at.

Single-lip – I am into you: This tells your partner that you are very much into him/her. It strengthens the bond between you two.

Neck Kiss – It’s all about passion: This says that I want you in my life badly.


Image Credit: Dreamstime

Earlobe – You’re sexy: This kiss is a way to tell your partner that you are sexy and I just love to be with you. It is one of the most sensual kisses.

Butterfly – I want to see you more than anything else: Here you kiss your partner while fluttering your eyelids rapidly. It is one of the sweetest ways to express your affection.

Teaser – Fun time: To set the moment on fire, this kiss begins from the forehead to the lips and then down to the arms and hands.

Upside Down – Inspired by Spider-man: Touching your partners’ bottom lip to your top lip. It is performed while your partner’s head is totally opposite to yours.

Image Credit: Dreamstime

Image Credit: Dreamstime

Teeth Bite: This is just like the French kiss, the only difference between the two is the usage of teeth. Here you grab your partner’s tongue with your teeth to convey him/her your deep love and interest.

Forehead – I adore you: This is one of the gentlest kisses that you can plant on the forehead of your friends as well as beloved. It simply states that you are special to me and I adore you.