We have an extremely happy news for Delhi foodies! So, we Delhiites are never shy when it comes to food. We are always up for delicious cuisines and trendy cocktails. We have always welcomed food franchise outlets from other cities and countries. And to add on to your gourmet list, here comes the irresistible ‘Theobroma café’.

So, no more wait for their sinful brownies to arrive from Mumbai, now you can have it all fresh!

Theobrama café, started off in 2004 in Mumbai and slowly expanded in the city. They have more than 12 outlets and Mumbaikars vouch by Theobroma’s rich brownies. Be it chocolate or red velvet, the brand has an everlasting effect.

The Mumbai-based patisserie is entering the NCR, with their two outlets — One at Mall of India, Noida {ground floor} and the other at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon {ground floor}. We expecting it to be opened either November end or December beginning.

Managed by a Parsi family and founded by chef Kainaz Messman Harchandrai, Cyrus R Shroff is the Chief executive of the chain.

Reportedly, once the get good response in Delhi, the company will decide about its expansion plans.

Excited? Well, we are 🙂