We all know that reheating food reduces its nutritional value but with our busy lifestyles, we can’t help but follow the practice. Food with less nutrition may not have any side effects on your health. But do you know that there are few foods which turn poisonous as we reheat them? Here is the list of seven such foods.


It contains nitrates and reheating will turns nitrates into toxic, which release carcinogenic properties. Thus, experts always suggest that this veggie should not be reheated.


Like Spinach, Carrot also contains nitrates that can turn into nitrites (toxic) if you reheat them.


This vegetable is again rich in nitrate content and you know by now the consequences of reheating nitrates.


potatoeIn case you want to reheat them later, then you need to follow this trick: Don’t leave them to cool down as they are cooked. Refrigerate them immediately. If left to cool down, the warm temperature will promote the growth of a rare bacteria called botulism in it.


This powerhouse of protein turns toxic as you reheat. Thus, always consume them fresh.


chickenEating reheated chicken will cause digestive troubles. However, to avoid this trouble you can follow this trick: Reheat Chicken, to at least 75°C/165°F and that also only once. Do you know that chicken contains more protein than red meat, but its benefits can be received only if consumed fresh.


mushroomsLow in calories, this nutritious vegetable offers you protein most commonly found in meat, beans or grains. But the secret of receiving benefits from all these factors is eating it fresh. The protein composition of this vegetable changes as you reheat it, which can cause numerous digestive problems.