The muscles of the legs are the largest in the body, which need consistent attention and training to perform their best. Thus, there is no excuse to miss on leg day unless you have some medical restrictions. Moreover, moving big muscles requires extra energy – meaning more calories burned. It even cranks your metabolism, resulting in faster fat loss and muscle gain. For maximum sculpting, it is always suggested to combine the leg workouts with 30 minutes of cardio like walking or jogging.

While lunges and squats are the key workouts for the desired results, here we will share five other moves that will get you sculpt stronger and lean legs. Trust me, all these moves will make your legs feel the burn in the best way possible.

Stiff-Legged Dead Lift: It targets Hamstrings. While performing it, you need to pay attention that your back should be straight and you should not round the back forward as you move the torso down.

Squat Matrix: While performing this workout, you need to keep your core tight. Performing 3 sets of 10 reps will leave you with the best results. Pay attention to the posture and increase the repetition as you masters the form.

Plyo Box Jacks: While performing this workout, be sure to stay balls of feet. Speed is the key here. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps as quickly as possible.

Split Jump: While performing this workout, jump as high as possible while extending through both legs, and swinging your arms to gain lift. The move targets your glute, hamstring, and calf too.

Lateral Lunge: If performed correctly, this workout opens up the hips. Remember that posture matters. Thus, make sure to step wide, and do a wide stance squat on one leg, loading the hip back and to the side. The move strengthens your glute and stretches the calf.