The trend of ‘bow tie’ is back in Bollywood and the actors are nailing the look. In every award function or an event, Bollywood actors flaunt their new obsession and love for the bow ties. These days, the actors make a perfect combination of their suits and bow ties and it seems that the simple black-tie affairs seem to be undergoing a vibrant change as men from Bollywood are eagerly preferring bow ties over the normal ties. Their formal avatar is incomplete without the latest trend in town.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie
(Courtesy: Instagram | Mirtletirtle)

The Bow-Tie now comes in different avatars and snazzier textures. Not only that, they are easily available in different colours and prints. As per the Fashion guru, these new variations give a suave touch to the whole personality of the actor. It gives the actor a neat look, especially when they are paired with black coloured suits. Several fashion gurus also tell that the fashion of bow ties have returned once again and it’s a ‘must-have’ in every guy’s wardrobe. You also don’t need to look for a specific colour. The more colours you have, option to experiment with the looks increases. Traditionally, Indian men used to find longer neckties more elegant than any other options available. The emerging trend of bow ties that are used to give a neat look is slowly becoming prominent in youngster’s wardrobe collection.

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Lately, designers have come up with the bow ties that come in quirky graphic prints that have been welcomed well on the fashion circuits. These have already seen their debuts on the red carpet. The next time you’re dressing up for a formal evening, try putting up a bow tie to give a classy finish. The actors are definitely setting the trend with their new found love for the ‘not-so-dull’ ‘bow ties’.

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