The meaning of manicure has taken a whole meaning in the recent years. It is no longer limited to just filing your nails and applying a beautiful nail colour. It is a new trend to experiment with designs and adorning your nails with all sorts of things. People have also started using precious stones and exotics jewels for nail embellishments which inevitably makes the price shoot up the roof.  In fact, now we have the most expensive manicure called the Iced Manicure, costing a whopping $51,000 (Rs. 32,69,100 approx). The extremely exquisite manicure lets you have 10 carats of diamonds on your nails as a parting gift.

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The Iced Manicure is a concept brought to reality by the company Cherish…ME. The company’s website says, “The Iced Manicure epitomizes luxury exclusivity, elegance and style. It lavishes your fingertips with 10 carats of brilliant white cut and polished diamonds, making it the ultimate extravagance.” Seems like they took a girl’s love for diamonds too seriously. But priced at $51,000, these diamonds surely cannot be every girl’s best friend. The service provider also mentions “Only the affluent, Royals and privileged have access to this treatment,”. Like we were thinking otherwise.

Iced manicure

Iced manicure

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The Cherish Company located in Dorchester, London became famous after singer Katy Perry posted a picture of her Iced manicure on social media. But apparently, after an exclusive consultation session, the team will travel anywhere in the world to serve customers and their service also includes aftercare and removal of diamonds off your nails. Not just that they also create new designs using the same stones or if you don’t want to go for a second sitting, they also let you take the diamonds by converting it into your choice of jewellery. But the question still remains – What if you break a nail?

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