Egyptian-born Eman Ahmed who was believed to be the “World’s heaviest woman,” has been discharged from the Saifee hospital in Mumbai after undergoing a treatment for more than two months. She is all set to leave India and fly to Abu Dhabi to receive further treatment.

Her sister Shaimaa Salim who had earlier alleged that her sister had not recovered at all has come out to thank all the doctors who treated Eman. “I am thankful to India and the doctors in India for helping my sister,” she said. According to several media reports, Eman has managed to loose over 300 kgs in the laEman Ahmed has been discharged from hospital in Mumbai. She is all set to fly to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. Chek her latest health statusst three months.

Saimma Selim had stated that the Dr Muffazal Lakdawala who was treating her sister was a “liar” and that there was no improvement in her sister’s health.

“Dr Muffazal Lakdawala is a liar and is not giving right/factual updates about Eman’s recovery. Eman has not recovered one bit,” Saimma had stated. However, Dr Lakdawala refuted charges and affirmed that Eman had recovered well adding that Saimma was making such accusations against the doctors because she did not wish to take her sister to Egypt owing to financial reasons.

“Actually, Everything was right with Shaimaa for initial 15 days after Eman’s treatment started but when she recovered and we suggested that she can be taken back to Egypt, Shaimaa started to create all this drama as she doesn’t want to take her sister back to Egypt due to financial reasons,” Dr Muffazal Lakdawala had said.

Meanwhile, the doctors have affirmed that they have also arranged for a special flight since the regular flight has smaller entrances, Indian Express reported.