Till the mystery behind hair chopping incidents in Delhi and the nearby areas is going to be solved, panicked people are taking several precautions and are trying everything from prayers, sprinkling Ganga water to wearing helmets while sleeping so as to protect their braid.

A resident of Punhana in Haryana, Mohammad Ijaz said that hair cover is the new trend in the area and also gave a reason for it, he said, “If the ghost can’t see the hair, it cannot chop it either.” In Ghaziabad too some cases of mysterious hair chopping have emerged. 60-year-old Hasina Khatun claimed that she has instructed all the women to cover their head tightly even when sleeping.

Also, some of the residents of Laxmi Nagar offered puja to Goddess Kali, one Santosh Yadav said, “Some women have also begun tying garlic on their arms or on their plaited hair”. On the other hand, a resident of Bijwasan holds black magic responsible for these incidents, “Black magic is behind these incidents. A magician probably needs women’s hair.”

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For last few days, incidents of mysterious hair braiding have created panic. However, Delhi police have solved one such case. The police found out that a boy had pulled a prank on his sister. He cut the hair of her 12-year-old sister while she was asleep.

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When the girl got up she saw her chopped braid lying on the floor. The girl immediately informed the PCR about it.  After the case turned out to be a prank, the police have appealed the citizens to not spread rumours and create panic.

(Source: Times of India)

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