In a strange incident, a tantrik was called by a family after their son was declared dead by the doctors of Kota’s New Medical College Hospital in Rajashthan. The family members of 21-year-old Hemraj Singh reportedly asked the doctor to not disturb as he will soon be brought back to life. Hemraj met with an accident on April 8 and suffered serious head injuries.

In a report published in Indian Express, after some time, a tantrik came in the ICU where the body of Hemraj Singh was kept.  Hospital superintendent Dr R K Meena said, “The tantrik had a sword dangling by his side. Amid chants, lemons were cut in the ICU. However, Hemraj did not come back to life. Sometime later, a man brought in a chicken and it was ‘offered’ amid chanting of mantras. This went on for four hours.”

The hospital staff did not object to tantrik performing in the ICU as they did not want to hurt the family members who has lost a closed one. But when nothing worked, family members finally decided to take the body of Hemraj. On filling a complaint abou the incident, Meena said, ” The hospital did not file a complaint as it was an emotinal matter for the family”.

Meanwhile, family denied any such step taken by them, Bunty Singh, uncle of Hemraj Singh said, “Some elders from the family and I went to the hospital and prayed for Hemraj in the ICU. We didn’t do anything as claimed by the hospital.”