In 2012, things got drastically changed for Mabiya Mandal within seconds, while she was sleeping and her husband attacked her with acid. Soon after the gruesome incident, Mandal found support from several quarters in the form of contributions and a hospital that has treated her free of cost ever since.

According to a Times of India report, now, a post of Facebook has raised Rs 16.5 lakh in just two hours. The money will be given the acid attack victim for a better future. It’ll also help her in providing a better future to her daughter.

The funds will be given directly to Mabiya, now 25, for a series of surgeries that are to be done over the coming months. “Any additional money is for her to use and if the need arises, we will re-start the campaign,” said Karishma Mehta, founder of Humans of Bombay, a Facebook group that raised the funds.

Mabiya was attacked by her alcoholic husband on the night of September 23, 2012. She also lost her eyesight. Soon after the attack, her husband vanished and no progress has been made in the case since.

Karishma Mehta, founder of Humans of Bombay, a Facebook group which raised funds in two hours for her treatment on August 3, said the group worked in co-ordination with online partner Ketto and an NGO called Make Love Not Scars that specifically works for acid attack victims.

The money was repotedly raise as Mabiya would need surgeries to reconstruct her hairline and forehead.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

“Her skull bone was burnt and there was no forehead. She has had a number of surgeries already but considereing the severity of the attack, medically it has to progress slowly,” said a doctor, according to the TOI report.

Notably, a doctor named – Vijay Patil has taken the responsibility of the education of her daugher Anisha. Her father and daughter were given accommodation in the hospital as she underwent surgeries. The hospital last year helped them move to a house in Nerul.

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