Tuhin Dey may be wheel-chair bound but his ambitions knows no boundaries. The seventeen-year- old boy is from West Bengal’s Medinipore district. He takes inspiration from none other than Stephen Hawking, who also overcame his debilitating disease to become a world renowned physicist. However, unlike Hawkings who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease at 21, Tuhin carried physical disability from his mother’s womb. He has no control over 90% of his body owing  to this disease.

According to his mother Sujata Dey, Tuhin suffers from a congenital muscular disease called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC, a disorder that develops during pregnancy and leads to reduced mobility of joints of hands, legs and shoulders. Despite  severe physical impedance, Tuhin has been awarded twice for his exceptional educational talent.

The boy recently wrote his Class Xth exam without a scribe. The maverick holds the pen with his mouth to write and operates gadgets using his chin. The youngster is currently taking coaching classes in Kota for engineering entrance exams.  The lad wants to make it to the Indian Institute of Technology so that he could  follow in the footsteps of his idol to become a space scientist. Mrs Dey gave up her government job to be with her son while he prepares for exams in Kota.  Well, we wish him all the best.

Story source: Hindustan Times