Eman Ahmed, the Egyptian woman who hit headlines for being the heaviest woman in the world at 500-plus kg, has lost over half her initial weight in two month’s time. The 36-year-old, who had to be lifted on a crane to shift her into Mumbai’s Saifee hospital, now fits into wheelchair and can sit for longer period of time.

Eman underwent bariatric surgery on March 7 and has lost nearly 250 kg since February. According to her doctor, most of her obesity-related problems like severe hypothyroidism, lymphoedema, right-sided heart failure, severe obstructive respiratory disease, renal failure and congestive liver problems are under control, reports Hindustan Times.

Her doctor Dr. Mufazzal Lakdawala is now waiting for her to be able to fit into a CT scan machine to know the cause of her right-sided paralysis and convulsions. He has shared videos online showing the now 250-kg Eman sitting up and enjoying herself.

IE photo

IE photo

 Notedly, the Egyptian suffered a stroke three years ago which left her right side paralysed. She suffers occasional seizures and is unable to swallow liquids or speak properly.  On February 12, Eman was brought from airport in a specially made truck to Saifee hospital, later she was carried in to hospital through a crane.
Eman Ahmed, world's heaviest woman arrives in Mumbai for weight loss treatment

Eman Ahmed, world’s heaviest woman arrives in Mumbai for weight loss treatment (File Photo)

Hailing from Egypt’s Alexandria, Eman suffers from sleep apnea, hypothyroid, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, fluid retention and most importantly obesity. Eman got huge support across the country and Rs 60 lakh has been raised for her treatment.