In this fitness freak world, everyone or the other is nowadays spending a huge amount of time at the Gym. Hitting the fitness centres have become a trend now and the youth is going crazy about it. But there are certain things which are to be kept in mind before entering that fitness jamming centre and lifting kilos of weight. The first and foremost thing is a well-toned body with six or eight pack abs can never be achieved in a day or two. A well-maintained fitness routine has to be followed with utmost determination and discipline. If you don’t have patience, then you might have to pay a very heavy price.

A video recently became viral on the social media which clearly shows the hazards of pursuing fitness training in a wrong way. In the video, a fitness freak man breaks his leg while doing an exercise on a leg-press machine. A heavyweight was kept in the machine under which he was working out and suddenly, his left leg snaps and it gets bent backwards from the knee. The man, who was shooting this person working out, panicked and rushed towards his mate after the mishappening.

This video was posted on the Facebook with a caption “Injury during workout. Say no to ego lifting” and has received over 42,000 shares in less than a day.

This is also a clear example that when you hit a gym and exercise, do it under proper guidance of a trainer.