A wedding could have turned into a mourning in the Uttar Pradesh after a groom fell in a well with his horse while he was on his way to the marriage venue.Fortunately, they both escaped injuries and were taken out of the well. The incident took place at the Kaji Tarhar village which comes under Gonda district when the the groom sitting on the horse was taking the round of the well, which is a part of the ritual.

The horse got scared of firecrackers which were being bursted during the celebrations and lost his balance. He fell into the well, taking groom with it. The video taken by the mobile phone shows many people bringing the horse out of the well with the help of the JCB machine. Family members, guests who were present at the pre-wedding celebrations, took a sigh of relief after the groom was also rescued. As per the reports he did not sustain any injury and was absolutely safe.

The video which is doing the rounds on the social media shows rescue operation of a horse that fell into a well along with the bridegroom during a wedding ritual in a village which comes under Gonda district.

A few days back, in a tragic incident, a groom passed away while dancing during his marriage ceremony. The incident took place in Ranoli village which come under Vadodara district. According to media reports, the groom had consumed alcohol before he started dancing at his wedding ceremony.