In its election-manifesto, the Bharatiya Janata party has promised to launch anti-Romeo squad to keep potential eve-teasers at bay in Uttar Pradesh. However, it would take some time for the new government to execute the same.But a Lucknow girl has shown the way for the women folks on how to give it back to the molesters.

A video is going viral on social media that shows a girl thrashing an alleged eve-teaser with a baton she borrowed from a security guard. The incident took place on Sunday evening near Lucknow’s Gautam Palli Police station where a gang of bike-borne miscreants were teasing a group of college girls.

According to a news18 report, when the woman saw that nobody is coming to their rescue, she borrowed a stick from security guard beat up the alleged eve-teasers. The report also says that man followed the woman incessantly and passed lewd comments.

The girl was in no mood to spare the accused person. However, one of the girls comes and asks her to leave. A huge crowd emerged to see the whole drama unfold.  Interestingly, the place where she took the eve-teasers to task was 1090 crossing, the office of Women Police helpline.