This is that time of the year when students eagerly wait for their results. Till now, most of the boards have announced the results and in the coming days remaining too would declare the results. Meanwhile, an assistant head examiner shares the ordeal as how students are awarded marks, the aspect that is not much talked about.

The teacher who an experience of 17 years in teaching firstly with the ISCE and for past six years with the CBSE tells that the job of an assistant head examiner is to ensure that those marking scripts should do their jobs fairly and abide by CBSE marking scheme. Sharing the experiences, the assistant head examiner tells that examiners are selected by the board but those working with the government colleges are not well-equipped with the grading system, therefore, there are times when students do not get the marks that they deserve.

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The assistant head examiner also tells that the teachers who are assigned the responsibility of checking marksheets are under immense pressure and are not properly paid. They have to check ten scripts the first day, twenty scripts the second day and so on. For each script of class X, they are paid Rs 25 and for class XII, they are paid Rs 30 for each script. The amount paid is so meagre that many of the examiners do not want to this work of checking scripts.

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While sharing some other instances, the head examiner tells that there have been incidents when the teacher of Accounts has checked the copies of economies and a teacher who was giving marks without even reading the scripts. Finally, both of them were asked to leave.

(Source: Times of India)

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