Whether one believes in ghosts or not is one thing but there are certain facts or incidents related to certain places which cannot be ignored. There are a few places in Mumbai where people have experienced something unnatural or rather supernatural. These stories related to the places can surely scare even the bravest.  Each one of us has our own fears that challenge us until we overcome it.  There are some spookiest places which people do not want to visit after sunset and even try avoiding those haunted routes even in the broad day lights.

All these places behold a story which makes them even scarier. From hotel to once a flourishing mill here are some of the haunted places in Mumbai that will send chills down your spine.

Marve and Madh Islands, Mumbai: 

Madh Island is one of the haunted places in Mumbai

(Courtesy: Beforeitsnews)

Many people have observed a ghost of a woman dressed in a bridal wear roaming on this road, especially during nights. There have been many accidents on this road and the reason was that she distracts the concentration of the drivers. It has been said that the bride was murdered on her wedding night many years ago and since then she is looking for her killers. However, people who live nearby do not want to talk about the ghost of the bride.

The D’Souza Chawl, Mahim:

D Souza Chawl is one of the haunted places in Mumbai

D Souza Chawl is one of the haunted places in Mumbai ( Photo: Haunted India)

People living in Chawl have seen the spirit of a lady who used to live there once.  One day, when she went to get water from the well which was near the Chawl, she slipped and fell into the well. It is said that since then the ghost of the lady has been seen many a time during the night. She does not harm anyone but the residents of the Chawl do not go near the well during the night.

Grand Paradi Towers:

Grand Paradi in Mumbai is claimed to be the haunted society

(Photo: Haunted India)


The building situated in Malabar Hills, which is one of the most sought after addresses in Mumbai, is said to be haunted. Many residents have committed suicide by jumping from the building. An elderly couple committed suicide many years back by jumping from the building. Years later, another resident also committed suicide, this time too, by jumping off the building. After the increase in the number of suicides,  the Grand Paradi Co-operative Housing Society also held a counselling session from Counselling and Suicide Prevention Centre (CASP). However, the reason which prompts so many residents to commit suicide by jumping from the building is not known.

Aarey Milk Colony:

Aarey Milk Colony is one of the haunted places in the city

(Photo: Holidify)

This colony which is located in Goregaon is known for its natural beauty but at the same time, you would definitely not want to visit this place. Reason? it is one of the spookiest places in the city. Many of those who have taken this route, especially in the night, have seen a ghost of a woman clad in a saree and have also heard crying of children. Some claim that they have seen a woman asking for a lift and then disappearing. They have also witnessed that if a car doesn’t stop then she runs after it. It is due to this reason that auto drivers do not take this road even when by taking this route, traffic can be avoided.

Mukesh Mills, Colaba: 

Mukesh Mills is one of the haunted places in Mumbai

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This is the place which many of you have seen in the Bollywood movies but it is one of the haunted places in the city where even actors have felt some uneasiness during the shooting. Crew members make it a point to wrap up the shooting before it gets dark. Now a deserted building, it was once a flourishing mill some 150 years ago. The mill was set up in the 1870s and after many years it was shut down due to an indefinite strike, during that time a fire broke out and since then the mill has been in ruins.

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Poonam Chambers, Worli

Poonam Chambers one of the haunted places in Mumbai

Photo: Wikimapia

The building which is located in South Mumbai looks like a normal building. It has nothing unusual but if going by the past, it was attacked during the 1993 Bombay bomb blast and a few years later in 1997 one of the wings of the building was collapsed in which many people got trapped. It has been said that who work there do not take stairs during the night hours as they have witnessed some strange activities. Guards at the building also claim that during the night they hear knocks at the doors, but they find nobody.

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Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is claimed to be one of the haunted places in the city

(Photo: Dreamstime)

One of the most sought after hotels in the country, Taj Mahal Hotel is said to be haunted. It is claimed that the spirit is that of an architect who designed the hotel but committed suicide when he discovered that there has been a goof up with his architectural plan. Apparently, the hotel was designed in another way around than what it looks like today. The architect took his life by jumping from the fifth floor of the building. Many guests and the hotel staff have witnessed a ghost roaming in the hotel.

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