After the Uttar Pradesh government banned illegal slaughterhouses in the state, a family has been denied permission to serve buffalo meat at a wedding function in Moradabad district.

Sarfaraz Khan had written to the local police seeking permission to serve buffalo meat at the wedding ceremony, however, the cops denied permission and told him to serve chicken instead of beef in the function.

Following the ban on illegal slaughterhouses, there has been great confusion in the state and meat sellers are facing a hard time. Meat sellers in UP have now gone on strike against the Yogi Adityanath government and have dubbed the government’s decision as a way of harassing the people belonging to the minority community.

Meanwhile, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had recently threatened to shut down all the shops which are cutting and selling meat or chicken on their premises with or without the certificate/licence.

VHP members urged the police officials in Noida to shut down all the shops. It has also threatened to unleash vigilante groups if the police fails to take action.

The VHP says that even if the meat shops have a valid licence from the district administration, they cannot cut the meat of already slaughtered animals on the premises.

Following VHP’s warning, the shopkeepers have now started buying already slaughtered chicken or goats from places like Ghazipur Mandi in Delhi or New Ashok Nagar.