India makes for a unique case of social disparity. While millions in the country are forced to sleep in hunger, tonnes of leftover food from marriage and social functions are wasted every single day. On Global Hunger index 2016, India was ranked a lowly 97 among 118 developing countries.

To tackle this growing problem, a social activist from Patna is set to launch Roti Bank that would attempt to ensure that needy people should not sleep hungry in the state capital.

Under this unique initiative, fresh chapatis (roti) and cooked vegetables or pickles or other eatables, from Patnaites would be collected and distributed to those who fail to get a pproper meal.

Rishikesh Narayan Singh, the man behind this campaign is very enthusiastic about the whole idea.

“Right now, we are approaching people to be a part of this campaign. In a week, we got more than 50 people who have expressed their interest to help the needy. Our initiative is to collect fresh meal from their household and deliver it to people who cannot afford to buy food,” he told Times of India.

Singh’s volunteers will be tasked to collect foods from people willing to contribute. The members will also check freshness and quality of food.

Singh has also launched a helpline number so that interested people can become a part of this initiative and donate fresh meal.

“If anybody wants to contribute to the ‘roti bank’, they could call or WhatsApp on 7050209999,” he told the daily.

This is not the first initiative of the social activist. Infact his last campaign Gyandeep Book Bank meant to avail books for underprivileged children was a rroaring success. He said they have so far collected 8,000 books from private schools and individuals in Patna