Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is unlikely to be the face of the Indian National Congress in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It seems that his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi will retake the reigns of the party. Some media reports suggest, that the upcoming state elections will now be fought under the leadership of older satraps rather than Rahul’s youth brigade.

According to a News18 report, there have been hints pointing to the massive strategic shift, with a steady increase in the role of the party elders. Recently it was seen that it was Sonia Gandhi and not the Gandhi scion, who made to forge a broader opposition unity to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Apart from this, the most significant change was the announcement of the Congress’ Communication Committee as it will be dominated by Congress’ stalwart leaders like P Chidambaram, Anand Sharma and Ghulam Nabi Azad.

The News18 report suggested that a Congress functionary said: “It is clear that an entire opposition is needed together to take on Modi. Congress alone is no longer capable of doing it. A truncated Congress needs the charisma and clout of regional satraps. I am not sure Rahul can be the interface.”

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“Speculations are rife that even if Rahul Gandhi is elevated to the post of party president in October, he will not be the face of the party of the general elections,” stated the report.

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“The situation in 2004 was different. First, there was no Modi then, and Congress was still a force to reckon with. Unlike then, when Congress under Sonia called the shots, this time it is the regional allies who are dominant,” said a leader, according to the News18 report.

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