In a new low, a gangster first killed his financer in cold blood and later posted four live videos on Facebook boasting about his valour and justifying his action while singing popular Punjabi songs.

Dalvinder Singh alias Babli Randhawa along with a group of five assailants accosted Hardev and shot him five times in the head on February 16 at a market in Punjab’s Longowal.

Randhawa, who was out on bail, has taken a loan of Rs 5 lakh from Hardev and the dispute is believed to be the prime motif behind the murder.

The murder took place around 10 am February 16, when Hardev was passing through Longowal’s main market.

In the first video, Randhawa is seen singing along Punjabi song, “Poore hosh vich maare fire Jat ne (Jat fired at his rival in his senses)” and flashing a gun at the same time.

Main ni kenda mere kolon bhul hoi aa, ho layi e ladai appan mull hoi aa (I don’t call my act a mistake. I have earned this rivalry),” the gangster is seen mouthing the lyrics.

The first video has garnered over 5000 views, two shares and 255 likes by 4:30 pm with comments ranging from ‘nice’ to ‘bravo’ posted on his timeline.

In the second video, he calls Hardev a dear friend who betrayed him and did not let him marry his girlfriend.

He also says that Hardev tried to hit him and his friends with sticks and swords. “Film da trailer start kita e viraan ne merean ne… film da ‘the end’ aje bahut agge higa (This is just a trailer by my brothers. ‘The End’ of this movie is too far),” he says in the video.

He also expresses hope that God may come to his help. “Otherwise people may come for my last rites,” he also said. The second video has garnered 5300 views by 4:30 pm, with 163 likes, 3 shares and a few comments lauding Randhawa’s act.

Randhawa also gets abusive, however, later apologises for it. His friend Jaskaran Gill termed both the videos brilliant, while many others also commented in his favour.

His third video on similar lines got over 5500 views, with 166 likes.

However, his last video has got him over 8000 views and 24 shares with many lampooning him for the act.
He sings another popular Punjabi song, “Sunde jehre fire goriye, mitra de marre ne (The noises that you heard, O beautiful, were of the bullets that we fired).”

He then signs off, saying no matter whether he is alive or dead tomorrow, no one should shed a tear and that he loves everyone.