Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath who has been under the limelight for controversial decisions like unleashing anti-Romeo squads in the state, has shown his progressive side. Talking about overhauling education system he said he intends to introduce English at a much early level in schools. Currently English as a subject is taught from 6th grade in UP government schools. Yogi Adityanath feels that English must be introduced at the nursery level. He said there is no need for students to wait till sixth standard to learn English. He was quoted as saying: “Education can be nationalist while being contemporary.”

He also justified the use of Police to monitor young boys in the Uttar Pradesh. He said during his campaigning he learnt that many girls had to drop out of schools because of incidents of eve-teasing. That had led him to come up with the idea of anti-Romeo squads. The anti-Romeo squads have received bad press because of reports of infringement of privacy. Many couples reported harassment by these squads. Also, some civilian groups jumped into the anti-Romeo bandwagon and indulged in moral policing. However, Adityanath tried to pacify these fears and said that sitting in a park is not a crime.

Adityanath’s decision of introducing English education early on has got thumbs up on the social media: