On the eve of 27th ‘holocaust day’, the anniversary of Pandits’ migration from the Kashmir Valley due to massive violence, Bollywood’s veteran actor Anupam dedicated a poem to the Kashmiri Pandits and posted it on the YouTube.

He also shared the poem on twitter and said,”27yrs on we Kashmiri Pandits are still refugees in our own country. A protest poem about their Silent Scream. Do share.”

Anupam Kher, who himself is a Kashmiri Brahmin says that these people have been suffering silence but these voices will not be silent anymore. In the video posted on the YouTube, he has recited a poem written by a Kashmiri poet Dr. Shashi Shekhar Toshkani.

While talking to ANI, Kher said,”No Kashmiri Pandit can ever forget what happened on January 19th,1990. Even after 27 years, no person has ever picked up any weapon because we believe in peace and the greatness of our country.”

On January 19, 1990, more than 60,000 Kashmiri Pandit families evacuated the valley and migrated after Pakistan-backed militancy against Indian Government began. According to the J&K police reports, 209 Pandits were killed in the valley between 1989 nd 2004 while more than 24,000 families migrated from the valley to other states after the violence broke down in 1989.

Kashmiri Pandits fall in minority category in the valley were Muslims are most in number. It’s been a schedule for dozens of Pandit families earn their living by gathering whatever they could to get by and return to their allotted camps in Jammu after crossing the Banihal tunnel.