Learn from Arvind Kejriwal to attack Narendra Modi on any given issue on any given day. The Delhi Chief Minister has beautifully mastered the craft. Even on International Women’s Day, he didn’t spare to take a dig the Prime Minister. While wishing everyone Happy Women’s Day, Kejriwal in his typical style dared the Prime Minister to unfollow all those who abuse women. Earlier reports have suggested that Prime Minister Narendra Modi followed several Twitter accounts who are right-wing in their political views but indulged in giving rape-threats and using abusive language against women.  He tweeted: “On this day, I urge Hon’ble PM to unfollow all those who abuse n threaten women n take strong action against them.(sic)”.

Here’s what Kejriwal said on Twitter:

However, Modi supporters on Twitter weren’t too pleased with this message. They immediately trolled him back while reminding that his former colleague Somnath Bharati was accused of beating and abusing his wife. The same logic must apply to him.


The Congress has always accused Modi and his party of cultivating an online army to abuse any ideological differences with the leader and the government. It accused the Prime Minister of being the “first leader in the free world to run an army of trolls”.