With 50 days duration of the deadline of demonetisation coming to an end, the people across the country along with other political leaders, especially those who are in opposition, are wondering about what’s going to be Prime Minister’s next move.

Thus, to figure out what the general public think about demonetisation after 50 days, InUth conducted an opinion poll on Facebook.

According to the poll conducted, more than 3300 users polled in favour of PM Modi’s decision of demonetisation whereas only 847 users voted against it. Despite of facing massive criticism against the move from the opposition, the results of the poll could be considered as the surprising one.

Earlier, The Prime Minister had asked the Indian citizens to bear this pain which demonetisation will cause. He also urged people to punish him if he fails in his plan. Government said that this decision is a key to fight the black money menace and a war against corruption.

Despite opposition united to slam the Prime Minister over the move and protested massively, Modi didn’t take back the decision and asked people to go cashless while promoting digital economy.  The government came up with several measures to simplify common man’s woes due to the prevailing cash crisis. He also thanked people for  who came out in support of the move.

But on a whole, it would be interesting to see what the Prime Minister has to say in his final speech of the year which he is going to deliver on December 31 at 1930 hours.