Will Rajinikanth join politics or will he stay away from it? The ‘Superstar’ is keeping the guessing game on making everyone ponder on his prospects of taking the political plunge. But on Friday, the Thalaivar saying that the “political system needs to be changed,” seems to be a big hint on his entry into the political arena.

“The current political situation is such that the system does not think about the people. It does nothing for them. That has to change,” he said on the last day of his meet-and-greet with fans in Chennai’s Kodambakam on Friday morning.

He added that the state of democracy has deteriorated. “There are senior people in politics, there are national parties, but what do we do when system is bad, democracy has deteriorated,” Rajinikanth said. He added that he had responsibilities but when the ultimate war comes, “we all will see”.

The superstar also referred to himself as a proud Tamilian. “My fans have made me a Tamilian. I was a Kannadiga for 23 years of my life, but for the past 44, I have been a Tamilian,” he said.

After the death of Jayalalithaa and DMK supremo M Karunanidhi out of action owing to his illness, Rajinikanth’s fans are hoping to see him join politics and believe that he is the only one who can fill the vacuum.

Such rumours about him joining politics were also witness in 1996 when he openly went against Jayalalithaa, urging people not to vote for her. She had lost the Assembly elections that year while the DMK-TMC had registered a landslide victory.