Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday accused the opposition parties of trying to avoid debate on demonetisation. Addressing the media in Parliament, Jaitley said, “The opposition thinks demonetisation is a blunder. Don’t they think Commonwealth Games and 2G scam were blunders too?”

Here are the highlights of Jaitley’s statement.

    • Those who did not consider scandals to be blunders, are now terming demonetisation as blunder.
    • Their government had the most scams and black money generated during its tenure. 2G scam, Coal scam everything happened during their regime.
    • There was mostly noise and no substance in what the opposition has been saying.
    • During the discussion, it was found that the opposition wasn’t prepared at all. They only wanted the PM to be present during the debates.
    • The government is convinced that our steps against corruption and black money are correct.
    • On the first day, there was a debate without any pre-conditions. From next day they started putting unreasonable conditions and it continues