CPM Lok Sabha MP from Palakkad, MB Rajesh lashed out at a journalist Arnab Goswami in an open letter after he appeared for a news debate on the latter’s television channel Republic TV recently. MB Rajesh wrote an open letter which he posted on his official Facebook account targeting journalist Arnab Goswami. In his post, CPM MP called Arnab Goswami ‘the most unethical journalist’. He further questioned his credibility as a news anchor in the open letter. Rajesh had participated in a news debate on May 26.

In his post, CPM MP claimed that topic of the discussion was changed at the last minute when he came on-air. According to the MP, he was invited to a debate on the three years of the Narendra Modi government. The topic, however, according to the MP was changed at the last minute. MB Rajesh claimed that he was asked to defend the remarks that were made by CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on the Indian Army.

“I could have boycotted the show at that moment but I chose to remain because in my absence you may repeatedly scream the lie that I ran away from the show. I wanted to avoid such a situation and tried to present my views on the fabricated story,” wrote Rajesh on his FB wall.

In his further attack, Rajesh said: “It was evident from your substandard and abusive remarks against the CPI(M) that your sense of history is poorer than that of a primary school child. Your teacher of history in school would have been much ashamed to see the shameless and naive expression of your ignorance on history.”

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The post by CPM MP has been shared more than 6,500 times on Facebook.