In an unfortunate incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh, an elderly woman lost her life when a police jeep which was trying to save a cow hit her.Police’s Dial 100 jeep, in an effort to save the cow, hit 60-year-old Usha Devi while she was walking on the road in Harriya township. Three others also got injured in the incident, including two granddaughters of the deceased. Usha Devi was killed on the spot and her two granddaughters who were severely injured in the accident were rushed to the hospital. A case has been registered against the driver who was driving the jeep.

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This incident has come at a time when the government has passed a law to curb cow slaughter.  Meanwhile, BJP said that issue of banning cow slaughter has to be decided by the respective states and the recent notification given by the centre on the sale of cattle has nothing to do with it.

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BJP leader Nalin Kohli said, “The notification has nothing written on cow slaughter and beef ban. Any state can decide on this and we fully respect the federal structure. How can the Centre impose on the states? The Constitution does not permit that and the Constitution is the only book the BJP follows”.

Earlier this week the Rajasthan High Court while hearing the Hingonia Gaushala matter directed the central government to take necessary steps and declare cow as the national animal.

(Source: PTI)

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