Security has been beefed up across India after the government of Bangladesh has reportedly wanred of an increase in infiltration of terrorists into the country across its eastern border.

According to reports, the government has informed the Home Ministry that in the past three years, around 2,010 Huji and Jamaat-ul-Mujhaideen Bangladesh (JMB) terrorists have entered India from the Bangladesh border and are probably hiding in Assam, Tripura and Bengal.

The year 2016 saw a major increase in the number of militants infiltrating into India. The Assam police alone has arrested 54 operatives in the past six months. The figure is an alarming one. According to an Intelligence Bureau report, 720 militants have entered through West Bengal.

The National Investigation Agency had reportedly found terror links and the direct role of JMB in the October 2014 Burdwan blast at Khagragarh in which two suspected terrorists were killed.

Following major crackdown in Bangladesh on radical elements, many have decided to move to India, as they have found a safe haven in northeastern regions. These persons stay in India and plan attacks that are to be executed in Bangladesh. There is a danger for India as well as these operatives now linked with the Islamic State will look to strike in India as well.

An alert has been sounded in view of the report and patrolling has been increased on the eastern borders.