In a move that will not click with selfie enthusiasts, the Archaelogical Survey of India has decided to ban the use of selfie sticks at its 46 site museums across the country. The move comes as the trend of clicking selfies via selfie sticks has gripped the people, which is sometimes dangerous for the artifacts, as people take selfie sticks too close to them, causing damage.

The trend these days is such that the selfie stick has popped up on every street, in every venue, and at every cultural event. But now, thanks to some savvy rulemakers at museums across the country, that these sticks will no longer be tolerated.


“Selfie sticks are strictly not permitted on the museum premises,” states the Photography/ Filming Policy for the Archaeological Site Museums of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Next time you visit archaeological site museums like Taj Museum in Agra, the Indian War Memorial Museum in Delhi, Archaeological Museums in Konarak, Hampi and others across the country, make sure that you tuck away you selfie stick in a a bag if you want a glimpse of the artefacts on display.


According to ASI officials, the decision to ban selfie sticks was taken to ensure security of the artifacts as there have been instances of the sticks getting too close to them.

“Times are changing and at every site there are people with mobile phones and taking pictures freely. There are people even shooting inside the monuments, so a decision was taken by the ASI to put in place some restrictions,” said ASI Director Dr K Lourdusamy.

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Surprisingly, a study revealed that India has witnessed maximum number of selfie-deaths in the world between March’14 and September’16. Around a week back, a 19 year old Mumbai-based girl lost her life while clicking her selfie.

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