Amid growing debate over the increasing religious intolerance in India, Alam Ara, a Muslim women in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi has set an example of communal harmony by making Shiva Lingas for the past 17 years.

Ara, who is one of millions of Muslim artisans in India, says, “It is a God-gifted art and we make the lingam with love.”

According to an ANI report when she was asked that whether her religion has come in the way, she said, “This is our daily bread. When it comes to our art, we aren’t Hindus or Muslims. We’re Indians first and always.”

Being the sole bread winner in her family, Alam Ara moulds and crafts the Lingas and later sells them to the shopkeeper.

Despite facing criticism from her community, Ara continued her ancestral business and believes that this is god-gifted art, and she makes it with love.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

People like Alam Ara surely restore our faith in humanity, espcially at a time when the country is facing incidents of communal violence almost everyday.

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