In a shocking incident, an aged man was beaten, starved and restrained for days by his son and his wife in Mahendragarh, Haryana. According to reports. after receiving information from its sources, the police freed the victim, identified as Balbir. He was in an extremely bad condition and was unable to stand up because of the constant beating and being restrained for days.

The son used to thrash him brutally and tortured constantly because of which he could not stand up or talk. His condition was worse and the police immediately rushed him to the local govt hospital.

According to Haryana Police officials, they reached the spot after getting complaint by neighbours, who said that the aged man was being beaten up and tortured by his own family members in want of land.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/ANI

The police report says that he was beaten by his son, wife and brother for around 6 days and kept without food and water. The assaulted man alleges a property dispute to be the reason behind his torture.

When the cops reached the house of Balbir, they found the old man tied to the cot. He was starving & thirsty and also injured.