Days after the New Delhi Patiala House Court acquitted Hussain Fazili in the 2005 Delhi serial blasts case that claimed 60 lives and injured about 100 people, the Kashmiri man has come out to make some startling revelations about the way he was treated during the first 50 days in prison.

According to an Indian Express report, Fazili has claimed that the police tortured him to the point where they forced them to eat faeces (waste matter) and even made them sign some 200 blank papers. He asserted that the police used brutal methods to extract a forceful confession since the time he was picked from his residence in Srinagar 12 years ago. “They forced faeces into our mouth and then shoved ‘rotis’ and water so we would gulp it down. I still tremble recalling those days,” he told the leading daily.

He further said that during the first days of the remand, the police even made him drink water with detergent mixed in it. The police reportedly threatened them to “not open” their mouth in front of the judge or they have to face dire consequences. Fazili said that the torture ended once they were shifted to Tihar jail. However, the fear of being attacked by the criminals in the jail always prevailed.

Fazila, who was freed after 12 long years, said that the police always told them that they were aware of his innocence but threatened him that they could prove them guilty in a number of ways. They allegedly kept torturing him despite his pleas of innocence and claims that he had never been to Delhi.

After 12 long years, the New Delhi Patiala House Court gave its long pending judgement in 2005 Delhi serial blasts case and sentenced the accused Tariq Ahmed Dar with a jail term of 10 years and acquitted Mohammed Rafiq Shah and Mohammed Hussain Fazili of all charges.

On 29th October 2005, three explosions throttled the entire national capital in which 62 people lost their lives while a hundred others sustained injuries. The blasts occurred only two days before that year’s Diwali. The bombs were placed and triggered in two markets in central and south Delhi area and another on a bus in the Govindpuri area in South Delhi. The man who was freed after 12 years in prison has claimed that the police tortured while in jail and made him eat faeces.