A Kerala man, suspected to have joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan has reportedly started a WhatsApp group to prpopagate the ideology of the ISIS and added many individuals from Kasargode district in the southern state.

According to a News18 report, the admin and creator of the ‘MESSAGE TO KERALA’ group has been identified as Isa. Messages in the group have claimed that contrary to reports, not all Indian recruits were killed in a US airstrike last month.

When one of the added members, Haris Masthan, asked about the intention of the group, it was flooded with eight audio clips. All of them had pro-IS literature in Malayalam.

The report further suggests that the screenshots of the group chat and audio recordings shared on it, claim that two to three Indian recruits had “attained martyrdom” in the strike.

The audio clip is allegedly of Abdul Rasheed, the alleged head of the group of 21 Kerala residents, which headed over to Afghanistan last year.

The messages on the group further claim that there were “no problems” in Afghanistan and that the ‘mother of all bombs’ dropped by the US last month had “minimal effect” as the “fighters” only felt “minimal vibrations” and got to know about it the next day.

To assure the group members that they are safe, one of the ISIS members reportedly said that the NIA and other agencies would release many news without any source. Those who hear such news should realise that the NIA have no source.

“People are releasing news without any reliability and the NIA has no source to get news. I was surprised to hear that Rashid Abdulla was killed. Because I myself am Rashid Abdulla,’’ said the terrorist.