Kerala continues to amaze us with its innovations and reforms that will go a long way in changing the society. This time the state has found a solution on how to tackle the issue of ambulances getting stuck in the traffic. This has been made possible with the help of two entrepreneurs.

Mohamed Jasim and Muhammed Sadique have come up with the Intelligent Road Traffic Management System, which is incubated at the Centre for Social Innovation and Incubation at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET).

Their venture focuses on providing a way so that ambulances can reach hospitals on time. The Traffitizer- Emergency Response System (T-ERS) is a Centralized Internet of Things (IoT) based system, with artificial intelligence at different levels.

RSET principal Dr A Unnikrishnan said, “All that an ambulance driver has got to do before starting an emergency trip is to turn on the T-ERS configured in their ambulance unit. Traffic junctions will automatically initiate a green channel path when the ambulance enters a predefined zone near the traffic junction area”.

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In the T-ERS application, the ambulance driver can also set how critical the patient is, this way, multiple ambulances can reach the junction simultaneously, so as to handle the situations. One of the unique features is that it can be remotely controlled from traffic control rooms.

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According to the Institute, the TERS system was tested as well as evaluated by Kochi City Traffic Police under the guidance of the Commissioner, M P Dinesh and DCP Yathish Chandra.

“This project has a direct impact on humanity… this will solve one of the major issues faced in ambulance vehicle patient transportation system in different developing countries” said Fr Jose Alex CMI, Director- RSET.

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