In a commendable step, the Kerala government has made it compulsory to have sanitary napkin vending machines in all the higher secondary schools in the state. This will be applicable from the upcoming academic session, making Kerala the first state to take such a step.

According to a report in, the number of vending machines installed in school will be in proportion to the number of girls studying. The vending machines will be put up under the government’s ‘She Pad’ scheme.

Apart from installing sanitary napkin vending machine, the Kerala education department has also instructed all the schools, including government, private, aided, unaided to provide proper drinking water to the students and separate toilet facility for boys and girls students.

As per the government figures, there are as many as 1845 higher secondary schools in Kerala that includes both government and private schools.

A few days ago a college in the national capital too installed a vending machine in their campus. A vending machine for the purpose of dispensing sanitary napkins was installed at Aditi Mahavidyalaya, a Delhi University college located in Bawana. The vending machine has a capacity to store 200 pads. The expenditure for refilling it will be borne by the college.

One of the students of the Aditi Mahavidyalaya said, “Going out to the medical store is not feasible in such situations because your clothes are stained and it gets uncomfortable to walk that far. We appreciate this effort by the college because it makes life much easier”.