A woman turning up on the wedding day of her lover to stop him when he is about to get married is a scene that one has often seen in Bollywood movies. However, a similar incident happened in real life in Kanpur when a wedding was cancelled after a girl entered the venue with a pistol in her hand and claimed that the groom was his husband and they secretly married at a temple.

According to a report in the Times of India, the incident took place in Shivli area in Kanpur Dehat district on Wednesday during the “jaimal” ceremony. The groom Devendra Awasthi was stopped by his alleged lover who barged into the venue and pointed the pistol at him and told him that he cannot marry another girl as he is her husband. The girl also claimed that she is pregnant with Devendra’s child.

“As the groom argued with her saying he did not even know her, she turned the pistol towards herself and threatened to shoot self,” said the guest who was present at the wedding. After which bride refused to marry Devendra leading to a tussle between two sides. The matter only resolved when the elders of both the families intervened and finally called off the wedding.

An eyewitness said after cancelling the wedding the family of bride took back the cash and other valuable items from the groom’s family. He said, “The ex-girlfriend of Devendra, on being pacified by elders who suggested that she resolve the matter amicably, too returned home”.