A 20-year-old Muslim man’s love for a Hindu girl has costed him his life. Mohammad Shalik was tied to the tree and thrashed for hours resulting in his death at a village in Jharkhand’s Gumla district.

The deceased was a resident of Raza colony in Gumla town, he was allegedly in a relationship with a Hindu Girl of nearby Village Soso, according to Hindustan Times.

The report says the girl called her to meet at Gumla town durinhg Ram Navami Procession on Wednesday. Shalik was initially reluctant to meet her, however, he changed his mind later, he met her on a scooty and dropped her home. But a group of neighbours spotted him and the tied him to the tree and thrashed him for hours, the woman was quoted as saying by police. Meanwhile, police have arrested three people and registered an FIR gaianst unnamed people. The report also quotes a senior police official saying that the boy was earlier warned by the villagers to not meet the girl and never to visit the village again.

Reports also say that tensions are running high in Gumla town after Shalik’s death and police have been deployed to maintain law and order. The latest attack  has once again brought to the forefront the rising instances of violence against minority community.  Recently, diary farmer named Pehlu Khan was killed by a group of cow vigilantes who mistook him as beef smuggler. The issue was raised in parliament with opposition MPs expressing concern over sense of unease among minority community members.