In a welcome move, Delhi Police will soon start working on a website that aims to help women in distress. The website will inform women about their rights, laws and act related to woman procedure to file and handle complaints . Notedly, Delhi police already has a dedicated website for woman but the new one is expected to be more comprehensive. The decision to launch the new website was taken on International Women’s Day.

“A dedicated website — — already exists but we want to revamp it and add more features and links,” sources told Indian Express. “This (new) website will have more detailed features,” the officer said.

Located in West Delhi’s Nanakpura, Special Police Unit for Woman and Children(SPUWAC) works to resolve and reconcile matrimonial disputes between couples or families “under the overall supervision and guidance of the Joint Commissioner of Police”.

Earlier known as Crime Women Cell, SPUWAC was set up in 2009 to give more sympathetic response to women and children complaints on priority basis.  In 2009, SPUWAC was made the State Nodal Unit on juvenile issues. The website will also contain guidelines women should follow as well as several laws.