Charity by celebrities and power brands are a common tale, but an 84-year-old retired bank employee has tugged heartstrings by donating his entire life savings amounting to Rs. 1 crore to the National Defence Fund.

Hailing from Gujarat’s Bhavnagar, Janardan Bhatt and his wife donated Rs one crore to National Defence Fund from their savings.

When Janardan, a retired State Bank of India (SBI) clerk saw reports of martyred Army jawans at borders and facing herculean challenges under Pakistan-promoted terrorism, he decided to take the major step by doing his bit for the Indian Army.

He had saved a good amount of money from his earnings as well as invested in various funds from time to time, which gave him good returns when he retired.

The elderly man has a record of being a Good Samaritan of sorts, as all his life he tried to help everyone. Even as a union leader he solved many problems of his co-workers.

This is not for the first he has donated such a large sum of money, as earlier, Bhatt and his colleague had shelled out 54 lakhs in order to help someone.